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Are you a bad boss?

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It seems the biggest crime you can commit as a boss is to intrude on the personal time of your employees.

According to surveys by JobsCentral, three quarters of local bosses believe their employees should work after hours or over the weekends, and 48% would go so far as to contact workers who are on leave.

Another 58% believe it is important their employees remain contactable even when they are on vacation.

Other bad habits of bosses include stretching meetings beyond working hours (23%), emailing employees early in the morning (20.3%), frequently shortening deadlines (16.8%) and asking employees to run personal errands (6.3%).

“At the end, it boils down to the degree of invasiveness of one’s personal time – a responsible employee would not mind being contacted for urgent work issues but it’s another matter when the office calls for small things that can clearly wait,” Michelle Lim, chief operating officer of JobsCentral Group, said.

While a majority (69%) of Singaporeans said they are satisfied with the working relationship with their bosses, those who are unhappy at work cite reasons such as lack of advancement (87.5%), lack of autonomy (80.6%) and work demands (71.1%).

Lim said managers have to do a better job of clearly communicating promotional expectations or career paths for their employees.

“Most people want to grow in their career and having clear KPIs and roadmaps would come a long way in managing their work happiness. A happy worker benefits the employer as he is more efficient and loyal,” Lim said.

However, the survey also found financial commitments (29%) and fears of not being able to find a better job (25%) to be the top reasons employees stay in their current role, even if they are dissatisfied.

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