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Attracting emerging talent by transforming the talent acquisition function

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Millennials are not only making up the majority of the workforce, they are also poised to become the next business leaders. Hence, it is crucial for companies to develop unique strategies to stay ahead of the game to attract emerging talent.

In view of the trend, Alexander Mann Solutions surveyed more than 150 HR executives and experts in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore on the challenges and opportunities in talent acquisition and published a research report called “Transforming the talent acquisition function”.

Here are some key findings HR professionals should keep in mind, not only when they are looking out for Millennial talent, but talent spanning across all generations:

Establishing and communicating the corporate brand and enhancing the candidate experience.
Forty three per cent of the HR executives surveyed consider the corporate brand and the candidate experience as the most prominent challenge. An age diverse workforce, with growing discrepancies even within the same generation, is fast becoming prevalent – as such, one of the most significant factors is the need to communicate an employer value proposition effectively across a broad range of age demographics and experience levels.

Hence, organisations should thoroughly research and build candidate “personas” according to the segments of their workforce in order to understand what motivates and frustrates them, as well as how to engage with particular demographics of candidates.

Mobile-friendly websites featuring simple navigation buttons and integration with social media platforms are key drivers to enhance the candidate experience.

Finding the right sourcing channels and methods
Millennials have come of age during a time of technological change, and in an increasingly connected world where smart devices are widely used, it only makes sense the sourcing approach is shifted online as well – 78% of the HR executives surveyed cited social media as an effective tool for attracting talent.

To help candidates relate to a company, HR executives should effectively use their platforms to fuel simple consistent messages of the company, and be transparent on social media by being responsive to comments and enquiries.

Engaging candidates with emerging technology effectively
Seventy nine per cent of those surveyed anticipate that mobile technology will lead the way in talent acquisition, opening up remarkable opportunities for connecting and engaging with candidates.

In particular, mobility has paved the way for a significantly enhanced experience for employees and candidates alike through the adoption of mobile-friendly websites, messaging tools for candidate communication and candidate assessment via smart devices.

Gamification of the pre-hire engagement and assessment tools has also become more popular in the talent acquisition process. No matter the channel, organisations should be genuine and share consistent messages when engaging with candidates and employees.

Download the “Transforming the talent acquisition function” APAC research report by Alexander Mann Solutions:

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