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Asia Pacific is home to world’s best talent sourcers

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Asia Pacific is home to world’s best talent sourcers, thanks to a stronger ability to effectively utilise social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Despite talent sourcing kicking off a career option in the Americas, sourcers based in the Asia Pacific region – including those in China, India and Australia – are better at exploiting the tools provided through social media, allowing increased response rates and improved candidate experiences.

But according to a survey by Alexander Mann Solutions, despite this boost in sourcing skills, many people in the industry are still being limited, either by having access restricted to social media at work, or by not fully utilising certain platforms.

Unsurprisingly, every sourcer is using LinkedIn to find talent – but nearly half are still missing out on Twitter’s 271 million active profiles, and only a third are leveraging on the 1.32 billion people using Facebook.

Additionally, 77% of respondents are completely ignoring the 1 billion profiles on Google+.

Job seekers rely on Facebook, but recruiters prefer LinkedIn
Judging candidates by their social media profiles

Considering the importance of having a strong network, it is also surprising that 20% of respondents have fewer than 500 connections on LinkedIn. Most (53%) have between 501 and 2,000 connections, but sourcers in EMEA are twice as likely to have in excess of the 500+ connections than their Asia Pacific counterparts and are well ahead of even American sourcers.

However, American sourcers are 33% more likely to be “super-connectors” (>2,000 Connections) than their EMEA counterparts.

“The talent sourcer has evolved to become one of the most critical roles in talent acquisition, challenged with finding and cultivating suitable, qualified and interested candidates,” said Martin Cerullo, Alexander Mann Solutions’ brand and marketing lead.

According to the study, and contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not LinkedIn’s main competitor when it comes to how sourcers attract and identify talent. Twitter and video sharing sites like YouTube are more likely to be used to engage with potential talent – although this pales in comparison when compared with LinkedIn.

Microblogging is the second most popular tool – in China the dominant channel is Sina Weibo, and in other Asia Pacific markets Twitter tops the list.

However, the study found many sources are still not trusted to use social media, with 31% reporting restrictions in their workplace. In these cases, 41% get around these restrictions by using their personal devices.

“That’s further evidence, if it was needed, that such restrictions are futile and potentially damaging to productivity,” said Cerullo.

“It is high time that employers wake up to the fact that everyone benefits by properly training sourcers in how to use such tools to the benefit of everyone concerned. In the Asia Pacific it appears that the choice of tools is speeding up and continuing to change with a surge of interest in instant messaging tools to attract talent. The rest of the world is yet to really embrace such tools.

“In addition to expanding your search channels, going back to the basics – building relationships, expanding your professional network and communicating effectively – are essential for working smarter,” he said.

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