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Are office party bills the boss’s responsibility?

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Restaurant and bar deals app company Clipp recently did a survey to find out just how often they spend time with their colleagues outside of work and whether employers were open to chipping in money to those gatherings.

The findings, reported by Lifehacker, revealed that 64% of employers are unwilling to foot the bill for work-related drinks and food.  But when it comes to paying the bill for large celebrations, 55% of employers would pay.

For regular gatherings, only 19% of the bosses said they will pay.  36% of employers also said they would cover the total cost of food and drinks outside the workplace.

The findings also showed that employees are keen to interact with colleagues outside of the workplace, 44% of under 29s socialise with their colleagues weekly and 56%  have weekly or monthly catch-ups with their colleagues outside of work hours.

With so many gatherings going on, bosses you might need to apply for extra budget from human resources to avoid breaking the bank.

The survey covered 2024 people in Australia.

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