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APAC bosses struggle with generational differences

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More than a quarter (29%) of companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) reported challenges in managing generational issues, the biggest percentage globally.

According to a SucessFactors-sponsored study by EIU, APAC is ahead of North America (23%), Africa (15%) and Western Europe (14%) when it came to facing challenges in managing generational issues.

“You simply do better as a company when you recognise that people bring unique and multidimensional perspectives to the table and can engage diverse employees in a way that they feel comfortable sharing their perspectives,” Johnna Torsone, chief human resources officer at Pitney Bowes, said in the report.

APAC was also found to be struggling with language issues (43%), significantly more so than in Africa (17%), and Latin America (12%).

The study reported the biggest global internal obstacles companies faced when managing a diverse workforce were balancing the need for flexibility with the need for a centralised corporate control (39%), reluctance of senior executives to accept differences in employee behaviour (32%) and inadequate HR training operational managers (31%).

The report, which included responses from 228 executives, 29% of which were based in APAC, found the top strategies for managing a diverse workforce were the mentoring of new and high-potential employees (47%), exposing high-potential employees to diverse business situations (45%), offering flexible working arrangements (43%) and providing opportunities for international careers (41%).

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