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A boss’s killer response to staff with back pain

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A recent whatsapp post by a local boss has rasied concern on whether the working class is in fact jeopardising their health because they need the money.

In the post, the boss listed out reasons why staff suffering from back pain should not use this as an “excuse” to apply for sick leave.

His reasons:

1. It is a chronic problem.

2. It is a common problem among women.

The post did not clarify the nature of the business, but the “caring” boss did gave some “professional medical advice” to his team.

1. Prevention is better than cure – stretch it out.
Nice advice boss, better than walk it off.

2. Consume calcium supplement and vitamin supplement that is good for joints.
If only I had enough money from the salary you pay me.

3. Use a back support.

Last but not least, the boss pointed out the importance of teamwork and that he needs input from everyone to meet the target. Sounds like a fun team to work on, doesn’t it?


Source: Heawork tumblur 

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