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9 things Amazon’s CEO says when he’s angry

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos does not sound like an easy man to work for.

This is according to author Brad Stone, who has written a tell-all book about Bezos through interviews with his current and former friends and colleagues titled The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.

lengthy excerpt of the book has been published inBusinessWeek, and one of the stand-out revelations about working for Bezos is what it’s like to be attacked by him on an off day.

According to the book, failing to meet Bezos’s standards will set him off, as will any form of stupidity – event “accidental stupidity”.

The entire excerpt is definitely worth a read (go here) but here are some of the best, worst and most sarcastic things Bezos has been accused of saying to staff:

“Are you lazy or just incompetent?”

“I’m sorry, did I take my stupid pills today?”

“Do I need to go down and get the certificate that says I’m CEO of the company to get you to stop challenging me on this?”

“Are you trying to take credit for something you had nothing to do with?”

“If I hear that idea again, I’m gonna have to kill myself.”

“We need to apply some human intelligence to this problem.”

[After reviewing the annual plan from the supply chain team] “I guess supply chain isn’t doing anything interesting next year.”

[After reading a start-of-meeting memo] “This document was clearly written by the B team. Can someone get me the A team document? I don’t want to waste my time with the B team document.”

[After an engineer’s presentation] “Why are you wasting my life?”

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