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8 tips to get through the last few days of work

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Does the week feel like it’s dragging on forever? Are the hands on the clock ticking along slower than usual?

The end of the year seems to move incredibly slowly, but the good news is we’re all in the same boat – just getting through the last few days of work before taking a well-earned break over the Christmas and New Year period.

But if you feel like you’re about to go completely mental while waiting for your holiday to show its face, take a deep breath and do the following to get by:

1. Take longer lunch breaks

If you’ve got nothing important pending and no last-minute deadlines to meet, I guarantee no one is going to care if you take slightly longer to have a lunch break.

2. In fact, go and have Christmas lunch or dinner

The best thing about this time of year is that everywhere around Singapore is serving Christmas meals. And everyone knows that turkey equals happiness.

So call up your favourite clients, customers or friends and go out for a slightly boozy and extremely filling early Christmas lunch. Bonus point if you can get them to pay for it.

3. Play pranks on your colleagues

Especially those bastards who have already left for their holidays. In fact, just do whatever you can to liven up your workplace.

4. Clean your desk and arrange your stuff

I know, I know, it sounds super boring – and it sort of is. But the 2014 you will thank the 2013 you for getting organised nice and early.

5. Eat ALL the Christmas cakes!

If your office is anything like ours, it is covered floor to ceiling (slight exaggeration only) in Christmas cakes, chocolates, biscuits and sweets. Go to town on those babies.

(Side note: Right after I wrote that sentence, even more chocolate got delivered to our office.)

6. Set up an out of office reply

It will only take five minutes, but it will be a very satisfactory five minutes.

7. Keep up the appearance of work while you browse your favourite time-waster websites

Mine are BuzzfeedCrackedDaily MailFailBlog and FMyLife (warning, bad language).

I also regularly check the hilarious and very un-PC Obnoxious Expats in Singapore Tumblr.

8. Make time go faster by writing lists about making time go faster

It only sort of worked. Fifteen hours to go until my holiday!

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Rebecca Lewis
Human Resources Magazine Singapore

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