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74% of Singapore staff perform better when they’re fit

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Here’s another reason why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary for working professionals.

According to the Randstad Workmonitor Q1 2014 survey, three quarters (74%) of employees in Singapore perform better in the office when they work out or play sports.

The report, which surveyed 33 countries in total, found 61% of the 5,265 Singaporeans polled work for organisations that actively support employees’ quest to maintain their health.

Such support initiatives include promoting healthy food in the workplace (48%), providing access to a gym (42%) and allowing time to exercise during working hours (36%).

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According to the survey, 49% of Singaporean workers also have employers who actively support staying mentally fit by providing a job-coach or mentor.

“It is encouraging to see that many employers actively promote the health of their employees, in particular mental health,” Michael Smith, country director of Randstad Singapore, said.

“Offering support to stressed-out employees can ensure problems are addressed before they spiral out of control. Providing a mentor can relieve or even avoid stress by giving impartial advice, helping to make tough decisions and boosting confidence.”

The report also found 93% of employees believe a good work-life balance is key to ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, it highlighted 54% of employees deliberately take the stairs at work to remain fit.

Close to seven in 10 (69%) of employers are also supportive of their staff taking time-off for personal reasons.

“Proactive employers who manage the physical and mental health of their staff will ultimately reap the rewards of a productive and healthy workforce,” Smith said.

“This in turn helps to cut down on sick days, trim healthcare costs and reduce turnover rates, increasing the organisation’s bottom line.”

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