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Blame Pokémon Go – if your staff have been acting weird

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Playing with phone is the top productivity killer at the workplace but the release of Pokémon Go in Hong Kong has made it even more irresistible than before to take one’s eyes off their phones.

Heawork tumblr has highlighted 7 ways employees are acting to maximise their chance to log-on to the game at work.

1. No more napping

Staff seems to be a lot more active nowadays as they have to walk around to catch fictional characters.

2.  More frequent visits to the pantry

The pantry is the perfect place to check on phones for any update regarding the game.

3. Going further away from the office to grab lunch

Who cares about waiting in long queues or walking a long way under the sun to get to lunch if the place is a Poké Spot.

4. Less time at the desk

If they are not in the pantry, you can find staff in the conference room, toilet and staircase, anywhere but their desk to try to get a chance to check out the game on the phone.

5. Faking stomachache

From now on, you have to ask your staff to put down his or her phone when making trips to the toilet if they said they have a stomachache.  Sorry that trick isn’t going to work anymore.

6. Owning two phones

Staff now own two phones, one for work and the other for gaming to ensure the game is not disrupted when they get a call from work.

7.  Lighting quick screen change

Staff used to open a few word files on their computer so they can quickly change the screen and not be seen from playing games or shopping online.  The same tactic is now being employed on phones.  They can switch quickly from the game to chatting with client on whatsapp.

Besides not being able to concentrate, the game has also raised security concerns.  The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM )has called on corporations to ban the installation and use of Pokémon Go on corporate-owned devices or any devices with access to sensitive corporate information and accounts.

“Frankly, the truth is that Pokémon Go is a nightmare for companies that want to keep their email and cloud-based information secure,” said IAITAM CEO Dr. Barbara Rembiesa in a press release.

“We already have real security concerns and expect them to become much more severe in the coming weeks.  The only safe course of action here is to bar Pokémon Go from corporate-owned phones and tablets, as well as employee-owned devices that are used to connect to sensitive corporate information.” she said.

Companies are divided in their reaction towards the viral game.  Some embraced it while others have made it clear from day one that it is not allowed at the workplace.  Whether the company is for against the game is is important to get everyone on the same page on policies regarding the game.

Managers should be given simple and clear guidelines on how to handle employees gaming at work.  And more importantly, ensure the managers themselves are leading by example by not playing the game at work. as advised  in a report by the Society of Human Resource Management.

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