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Taskworld infographic on employees to fire

7 types of employees you need to fire

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Some people just aren’t employee material. As a manager you really shouldn’t have any qualms about getting rid of those who disrupt what you are trying to accomplish.

Taskworld identified seven such employee types who managers should not hesitate in showing the door.

First up are the usual suspects – those who steal, won’t do their job, show up inappropriately dresses, or the no brainer. All people you don’t need to keep on for any reason.



Second in line are the kings of ethics – who always have a complaint or two ready for others, without a comment on their own productivity.



Third in tow are the office babies, that is, those employees who are insecure and will go to all lengths to hide their failings.



The fourth are the aptly-named joy sponge – those who have the uncanny ability to soak in the joy in any situation, and prioritise looking at the negative in any situation.



Fifth in this list are the proverbial know-it-alls – those who never fail to remind others of the impossible task at hand, but seldom come up with a solution or the right approach.



The yes-man comes out sixth on this list, the one who seems to think every idea you give is flawless – don’t turn to them when you need honest advice.



Finally, and perhaps the most serious case for firing, is for those who refuse to change – despite getting feedback on their negative attitude or behaviour.



PS: Take these suggestions with a pinch of salt. Instead of firing, counselling difficult employees is a better idea.

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