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7 trends disrupting your workplace

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Global – You can never have too many insights into how to make your employees happier.

TINYpulse recently conducted a survey on employee engagement, and uncovered important workplace trends that remain surprisingly unexplored by businesses.

The report, which included 40,000 survey responses from more than 300 organisations, revealed seven vital learnings about employee sentiment towards culture, management, recognition, and fellow co-workers.

While not an exhaustive list, we definitely feel it is a timely reminder for HR leaders that employee happiness is an evolving process and needs continuous and timely revaluation.

1. Only 42% of employees know their organisation’s vision, mission, and values

An alarmingly low number, it highlights a majority of executives are not communicating and reinforcing their company’s guiding principles and mission.

2. 82% of respondents claimed their manager clearly outlined their role and responsibility

At the day-to-day team level, however, it seems that managers are able to effectively set expectations and accountability, with over eight in 10 employees having good clarity about their roles. But the report added because managers aren’t as effective in linking individual goals to the organisational vision and mission, “the opportunity for breakout performance throughout the organisation is aligning individual and collective goals, vision, and values”.

3. Employee happiness is more dependent on co-workers than direct managers

The survey found employee happiness is 23.3% more correlated to connections with co-workers than direct supervisors. Despite the fact that direct supervisors do ultimately have more control over day-to-day activities of employees, having good camaraderie with colleagues seems to hold a more significant impact on the quality of those activities.

4. Team play and collaboration are the top traits employees love about their co-workers

Expanding on the above trend, working well with colleagues plays an important role.  The report said: “In the recruitment and interview process, leading companies must incorporate opportunities to test and screen for these vital characteristics in candidates.”

5. 18% of responses included a suggestion, and organisations that don’t promote employee suggestions are at an innovation disadvantage

Businesses that don’t encourage feedback from their employees are missing a huge opportunity. Having an open-door policy just for the sake of it is simply a waste of your most prized asset – your people.

6. Thirty six per cent of responses provided peer-to-peer recognition, which proves a lightweight and regular system boosts intra-organisation recognition

With workplaces becoming more virtual and decentralised, the figures prove there’s a growing need to provide regular recognition that goes beyond the “antiquated one-on-one supervisor-to-employee relationship”.

7. Management transparency is the top factor when determining employee happiness

With management transparency coming in at an extremely high correlation coefficient of .94 with employee happiness, it appears an ongoing dialogue between management and staff is highly encouraged. Whilst having increased transparency may lead to more time and resources being spent, try to think of it as a worthwhile investment.

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