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7 signs you’ve found the perfect grad

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There seems to be no shortage of graduates wanting to work for big companies.

But how do you know you’ve managed to sieve through the available talent and score yourself the best grad hire for your organisation?

Here are seven things to check off your list before welcoming the graduate into your company.

Their resume is a standout
First impressions count and a strong resume can be a good indicator of how badly the candidate wants the job. Sorting out the plain pages from resumes that have clearly been invested in can make the difference between a failed and successful hire.

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Are they an all-rounder?
Your perfect grad hire can’t just be good in one discipline or a generalist too early in their career, particularly in a job environment where employees are expected to do more with less.

Hires have to be able to take on multiple roles and responsibilities, so make sure your grad hire has obtained a wide range of experience while he was in school or during internships.

They are proactive and have done their research
When it comes to the interview, be sure to ask the candidate questions to help you determine if they’ve done research on your company. Those who are not able to answer basic questions about the organisation clearly have not done their homework, which could mean that while they’re looking for a job, they’re not looking for a job with you.

Looks matter
We’ve all heard the horror stories of candidates turning up to interviews wearing inappropriate attire like a catsuit (which for the record is a major no-no).

Candidates who have put in the effort to look presentable regardless of the position they are interviewing for show they’re serious about the opportunity.

Professionalism despite age
While these candidates may be fresh out of school, it’s no excuse for them to act like children during the interview. Warning signs to look out for include texting during the interview or acting inappropriately.

They’re ready to get their hands dirty
Your new hires may be from the infamous Gen Y cohort, and are often perceived to be too eager to get to the top. However, while the ambition is admirable, make sure your new hires are ready to earn their stripes. List out development and training opportunities they will be entitled to, and ensure they’re ready to take on those responsibilities.

Passionate and realistic
Passion may be hard to quantify but can be identified through their mannerisms, answers and experience. Make sure your new hires are also realistic in their job expectations, including working hours, roles and salary.

A new survey by Hay Group found the average starting monthly pay for degree holders in Singapore were S$2,714 (without Honours), S$2,822 (with Honours, Second Lower) and S$2,876 (with Honours, Second Upper).

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