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6 things your employees are thankful for

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Creating a conducive place to work is easier said than done,  but knowing there are some things you’re doing right will definitely help you foster a more engaged workforce.

OfficeTeam recently conducted a survey of 400 employed US workers above the age of 18 to find out what they appreciate most about their corporate lives, besides their pay.

1. Friendly co-workers
Employees are most grateful for sociable and supportive co-workers. A quarter (24%) of those polled said they valued friendships made at work. A good sense of camaraderie with peers is perhaps the most direct way of boosting productivity and decreasing company turnover.

2. Good benefits programme
Having an effective benefits package inculcates a culture of care and concern for employees. This has a massive impact on the retention, performance and productivity of staff in any organisation, seen by 20% of employees who were immensely gratified by the benefits programme in their companies.

3. An easy commute
With workloads getting heavier, employees truly value any opportunity to save time.  A convenient route to work is a facet of working life which 16% of employees were most grateful for.

4. Challenging assignments
A strong willingness to grow and develop more professional skills is also a key priority for today’s employees. Of those polled, 15% said they look forward to more assignments to stretch their capabilities in the future.

5. Supportive managers
Never underestimate the power of a good boss. Eleven per cent of respondents were grateful for the encouragement and help their manager provided. Considering managers are employees’ biggest allies in leading and instructing them through projects and initiatives, a good understanding between the two is something to be definitely thankful for.

6. Flexible hours
Three percent of workers polled said they were pleased with the flexibility in working hours. With more employers adopting the work from home option and supporting alternative working arrangements, the policy is proving to be more popular amongst workers.

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