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6 colleagues you really don’t want

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While every office has the occasional quirky character – like that man who collects stuffed toys, or the lady who insists on painting her nails at her desk –  these few office horror stories take it to the next level.

We’re still undecided about whether we would wish for these people to be fired if they were working in our office, or fight to keep them around to add a bit of excitement and hilarity to the workplace.

Read these stories and judge for yourself.

1. “At one law firm Christmas party, the office manager got drunk removed her prosthetic breast from her bra and chased one of the associates around the bar with it. She was trying to see how he would look with boobs. The associate was extremely germ phobic and freaked out. She finally threw it at him and bounced it off his head.”
Source: DC Urban Moms

2. “I worked downtown for four years in a city I had lived my entire life. They hired a new guy on my team and every time he went out to lunch, he would send an email to the entire team telling us where he went, what he had, a link to the online menu, a review of his meal and the service and the ambiance of the place. After a few weeks, I responded to just him and said, ‘Please take me off these emails, Joe. Thanks Jane.’ He never sent me another email, period.”
Source: The Fast Track

3. “I once worked with a guy who was obsessed with the free section on Craigslist. He was two cubes in front of me and all day long (literally 6-7 hours) he would yell out anything he found of interest. ‘Anyone interested in a kayak, it’s free on Craigslist’ or ‘Anyone interested in a pile of bricks, it’s free on Craigslist’ or ‘anyone interested in a couch, it’s soaked with cat urine, but it’s free on Craigslist’… ARGH, so annoying! He was eventually laid off.”
Source: The Fast Track

4. “I once had a co-worker who thought she was the trash police, would dig through the trashcans to find and show the boss any piece of paper that shouldn’t have been thrown away (‘Look! Look! Dan put this in the trash, here is his login name at the top of the page, omg, this has an account# on it and should have gone to the shredder’). She would even dig through restroom trash.”
Source: DC Urban Moms

5. “At the last company I worked for, the owner would routinely go off on people over the phone, which would inevitably end in him slamming his office phone down so hard that he would break the base and/or handset. There was an entire shipping pallet in the warehouse dedicated to the phones he scrapped.”
Source: Reddit

6. “I worked at an office supply store and one day I saw that one of my co-workers had a picture of me, in the picture I was standing at the register so it was taken at work. I asked why he had it and he just tried laughing it off like it was funny. Later on, he tells me he’s been putting his own memory card in the store display cameras and taking pictures of me, THEN goes on to inform me he has more pictures of me saved on his computer at home. He was a creep.”
Source: Reddit

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