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5 ways to secure that promotion

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Asking for a promotion can be one of the most intimidating things to do.

However, in order you’re making sure the meeting with your boss goes as smoothly as possible, keep these five tips in mind.

1. Do your homework
If your plan was to walk up to your boss and ask for a better title and bigger pay check without anything to back you up, you’re probably better off not having that chat.

Before approaching your boss, make a list of your past contributions to the company, why you think you deserve the promotion, and how you plan on remaining a valuable asset once you’ve been given the step up.

2. Be forward-thinking
As mentioned, it’s not enough to just raise your hand for a promotion. Your boss is likely looking to promote someone who will be able to provide more for the company. When discussing the possibilities for a promotion, make sure you make it clear that you are prepared to take on more responsibilities, and will be able to deliver on those promises.

3. Don’t make demands
The last thing your supervisor wants to be faced with is an ultimatum. Even if you’ve been offered a position elsewhere, which you’re using as leverage for this promotion, making demands will paint you in a bad light with your current employer.

You need to be able to keep your cool and show composure under pressure – ideal characteristics for someone deserving of a promotion!

4. Learn a new skill
Would you promote someone who has been just competent in his job? Probably not, so make sure you’re not that person either. Pick up a new skill, spend some time working with another team or division or be involved in more training programmes.

Showing your bosses you have the ability to think outside the box and be broad minded can go a long way in helping you secure that promotion.

5. Always deliver
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a multi-million dollar project, or if you had promised to get the coffee and snacks for the morning meeting, you need to display your ability to hold up your end of any agreement. Bosses often promote those who are trustworthy and responsible.

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