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The 5 types of employees no boss wants

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Being the boss means leading others and having direct responsibility for the company’s financial success. Being a senior HR professional means helping the boss manage the people who aren’t exactly helping him or her do this effectively.

All this responsibility means it’s necessary for HR heads to be able to identify any negative behaviour in the office, and stamp it out immediately.

Everyone’s going to end up with one or more of these employees working in your organisation. How you deal with them will determine what kind of boss you are.

The deadline ditcher

This is the person who never has more work than anyone else, but still can’t seem to get it all done. The concept of a deadline does not exist to them and they’re constantly complaining they’ve got too much to do.

Nip it in the bud with effective time management training and make sure their manager is ensuring they’re using their time effectively.

The Facebook fiend

No matter how much work they’ve got to do, every time you walk past their desk they’re on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or playing a game on their phone. Apparently, this type of employee thinks you won’t notice when they quickly minimise a screen as your approach their desk.

The invisible employee

Every office has a person who is always sick with something or constantly claims their parent/sibling/friend/dog needs them at home for whatever reason.

Most bosses can smell this rubbish a mile away. Stop the ‘employee who cried sick’ syndrome by simply addressing their absences. Some will feign shock that HR is questioning their dedication, but others will shamefacedly put an immediate stop to their actions.

The smelly guy

I’ve had first-hand experience in an office with a smelly guy and I can tell you, it’s distracting. Whether it’s the food they’re eating or poor personal hygiene, it’s never fun to have to tell an employee they smell bad. If you do decide to tell them… HR, this one’s up to you. Any advice on how to deal with a stinky employee? Perhaps just invest in some better air freshener?

The overly-optimistic person

There’s nothing wrong with a happy person, but people who s*** rainbows can be annoying. Not only are these employees way too cheerful on a Monday, they often are a liability because they tend to downplay problems.

Not reacting to an issue in the office is just as bad as over-reacting to one. Sit down for a serious conversation with Little Miss Sunshine and get to the bottom of how things are going.

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Rebecca Lewis
Human Resources Magazine Singapore

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