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What you need to know about the office coffee culture

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Many members of the working class simply cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. It is also a must-have stimulant to help them survive overtime work.

Even though it might be a necessity, drinking coffee can be more enjoyable than that. This is what you need to know to impress colleagues in the pantry while making coffee according to Heawork tumblr.

1. Learn how to say fruity
Words like it tastes great or smells greats are such a cliche.  Nowadays, colleagues who know their coffee will  describe the texture of the coffee and use words like fruity to describe the taste. They also love to talk about the origins of the coffee beans.

2. Don’t drink coffee for the caffeine
Coolies used to drink a huge amount of coffee everyday day to stay awake so they could survive the long and hard day at work. Please don’t drink like a coolie. A 6 to 8 ounce cup is the best.  Enjoy it!

3. The best timing to drink coffee
Two to three cups a day is the best.  Have a strong black coffee in the morning to awaken the mind and a cappuccino in the afternoon to relax.  An after lunch espresso to help with digestion is also great.

4. Don’t use distilled water to make coffee
Water temperature of 83-87 degree Celsius is the best. Mineral water is the best.  If not the hot water from the water boiler also works.

5. Always make coffee in the pantry
Things can get messy when one makes coffee at his or her desk. Moreover, the pantry is the best place to make coffee because it is where all the gossips take place.  Making colleagues a few cups of coffee to get the inside track is a skill that HR professionals must master.

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