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5 things bosses need to start saying

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The words bosses say in the office carry more weight than anyone else’s but are there phrases you’re not utilising enough to help you become a more effective leader?

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Here are five things you should try to incorporate more into your daily conversations in order to become a more engaged and inspiring manager.

1. “Well done”
Employee recognition does not need to come in the form of gifts or money. Often, a simple – and sincere – pat on the back is just as powerful and motivating. Don’t forget that you should not wait for big achievements before telling your staff they’ve done a great job. Sometimes, it’s being recognised for the small things that go a long way.

2. “I’m sorry”
More bosses are realising the importance of authentic leadership, and part of that involves being humble and admitting when you’re wrong. After all, we are all human.

A leader who is able to step back, reflect and realise he may have made a mistake and is willing to learn and grow from it will earn the respect of employees.

3. “Thank you”
This is another simple recognition tool, and one that can be sorely underutilised. Again, it doesn’t matter if your staff has helped file a 100-page report or simply held the elevator door open for you – these two words are some of the most powerful and meaningful words you can pass on to an employee.

4. “What do you think?”
Ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Just because you’re a leader does not mean you have all the answer (refer again to #2).

Consolidating feedback from your team can help you see an issue in a new light or highlight a problem you may have overlooked. Just as importantly, it also sends the message that you consider the members of your team valuable assets to your decision making process.

5. “The reason we’ve done this is…”
Employees these days appreciate transparency in the office more than ever. While there are information has to remain privy to senior management, try and explain business decisions to employees as much as possible. This allows staff to understand where they stand in the bigger picture, the impact they’re making to the overall organisation, and feel they are a part of a larger structure.

They’ll appreciate the effort you’re taking to explain why the company is doing something in a certain way, and more importantly, they’ll appreciate the trust you’re instilling in them by sharing that information.

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