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5 sure-fire ways to lose your job

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There are some very obvious reasons you fire people. Things like lying, cheating and stealing come to mind immediately, but what other negative behaviour might drive you to let an employee go?

The way the Anton Casey situation blew up last week is a sombre reminder of how employees – no matter how senior – still forget the basic rules of professional conduct in and outside the office, and how it might affect their job.

Whether you are the boss or an employee, here are a few examples of the types of behaviour to look out for or avoid.

1. Misbehave on social media

You think this would have sunk in by now – don’t write anything on social media (or in an email) that you wouldn’t want your boss, colleagues or clients to see. Your Facebook is not a safe little haven for you and your friends. The sooner everyone realises this, the fewer incidents like Anton Casey and Amy Cheong we’ll have.

2. Fail to evolve in your role

Particularly in a fast-moving economy like Asia, employees need to be prepared to adapt. It’s imperative that staff get used to adapting and evolving themselves to remain relevant and useful to the company. Otherwise, they’ll eventually be expendable.

3. Develop a bad reputation

Eventually, everyone’s poor reputation catches up with them – even if it’s something they thought they left behind long ago. If you’re known for being rude to customers, unhelpful to co-workers, or for refusing to work with others, things aren’t going to end up very well for you.

4. Keep screwing up

Despite what TV shows like Homeland might tell you (seriously, how many times does Carrie have to mess up before the CIA actually gets rid of her?) if you keep messing up at work, you will be let go. An employer can be understanding of a few small and genuine mistakes, but too many ‘uh oh’ moments (or one really big ‘uh oh moment) could lead to another job hunt.

5. Become that toxic employee

You know the one – the staff member who bitches about their colleagues, only has negative things to say about their job and the boss, and doesn’t think twice about spreading rumours or gossiping. These people are poison, and if you become one of them, rest assured the boss will eventually a) find out about your attitude, and b) get sick of it very, very quickly. Particularly if your negativity is driving other employees away.

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Rebecca Lewis
Human Resources Magazine Singapore

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