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Infographic on job hopping

The 5 questions on every job hopper’s mind

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Job hoppers are notorious for moving from job to job, proving to be an ordeal for their line managers to retain.

But this new infographic by Ajilon identifies the five questions that run all too frequently in a job hopper’s mind.

For employers, could these hold the key to retaining them better?

These are the five questions every job hopper wants answers to, before plunging headfirst into a new job:

  1. What do I want from my career?
  2. Have I made the most of my current role?
  3. Why do I want new opportunities?
  4. What has the greatest long-term potential?
  5. What’s my industry norm?

Check out the infographic below to identify more traits of a job hopper:

Infographic: pros and cons of job hopping


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