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48% of workers are distracted by workplace fatigue

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In a fast-paced workplace where people are putting in longer hours than ever before, tiredness and fatigue is causing staff to make mistakes, miss meetings and get distracted by non-work related tasks.

According to a workplace survey commissioned by Red Bull and Glassdoor, 48% of employed Americans are distracted by tiredness at work, often causing them to doze off or make mistakes.

However, the repercussions of fatigue extend beyond the odd typo – 23% admit to reporting to work with an unbuttoned top or mismatched shoes, while 24% said they have incorrectly addressed clients or colleagues by the wrong name, in person or via email.

Overall, 66% of employees admitted to making various mistakes at work due to tiredness.

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“It’s clear that fatigue at work can impact productivity and efficiency, and this is something both employees and employers need to be aware of and address among their specific workforce,” said Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor community expert.

Nearly all respondents (93%) said they have taken action to keep tiredness at bay, such as resorting to high caffeine drinks over healthier options. Nearly half (48%) said they cannot live without caffeine at work. In fact, having caffeine in the workplace is regarded as more essential than their schedule (32%) or smartphones and tablets (44%).

“This is a wake-up call for employers to review and assess how to keep their employees engaged throughout the day and make appropriate changes,” Dobroski added.

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