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40% of firms in Singapore set to hire more returning mothers

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Bosses in Singapore are recognising the benefits of hiring female professionals who wish to work after giving birth.

According to a new survey by Regus, these mothers play a significant role in boosting revenue and productivity of company.

Of the 586 senior local business people polled in the survey, 40% of them reported they will be looking to hire more returning mothers in 2015.

Some of the reasons they cited for targeting this demographic included the valuable experience and skills (65%) these mothers hold.

More than three out of 10 (34%) of Singaporean respondents also thought of these returning mothers as more reliable while 24% thought they were more organised compared to regular staff.

“There is a vast amount of untapped potential among skilled and experienced mothers who are unable to work due to family commitments. Flexible working enables companies to tap into this workforce and offer returning mothers a way back into the workforce,” commented Paul MacAndrew from Regus Singapore.

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“The benefits to businesses are clear: less staff turnover, lower hiring and training costs and access to talented staff. But businesses warn that in order to retain these valuable employees it is critical that firms offer some level of flexible working, such as the possibility to work closer to home.”

Indeed, 19% of respondents also stated they were very hardworking, with 25% pointing out that they were more caring workers.

28% of Singaporean respondents also found value in the working mother’s drive to prove their worth.

Such preference for hiring working mothers was also echoed globally, with 26% of businesses worldwide. stating they are planning to hire more returning mothers in 2015 than in 2014.

Additionally, 57% of global respondents are of the opinion that retaining working mothers can help improve productivity due to the training costs being lower than hiring new employees.

The survey also shed light into the ways these firms planning to attract and retain such employees.

91% of respondents believed that the key to attracting and retaining these women workers is flexible working.

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