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4 ways to survive Valentine’s Day in the office

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While we might enjoy the time spent with our colleagues, the notion of spending the majority of the Valentine’s Day holiday (if you can call it that) with co-workers instead of loved ones probably isn’t ideal.

And if you’re one of those people already annoyed by Cupid’s minions making appearances at the workplace with incessant deliveries of flowers and gifts – and the loud, excited conversations which will inevitably follow – you’re probably dreading tomorrow even more.

Even if you are loved up, I understand the pain and the hype that surrounds February 14. So, here are some tips to surviving Valentine’s Day in the office:

1. Go on a sugar rush and finish all that work!

What do you do with an excess of candy and heart-shaped cakes and chocolates littering your office pantry? You eat them before going full-throttle and powering through all your pending assignments. Not only will that impress your boss and get you that promotion you were waiting for, but it will also inspire others around you to roll up their sleeves and get down to the tasks at hand.

2. Don’t bring your love life (or lack of it) into the workplace

It’s good to share details of your life with your colleagues, and indulging in what your sweetie has planned for the evening ahead. However, exclaiming your excitement loudly to everyone in the office and making a huge deal of gifts received may in fact be annoying and cause irritation amongst your peers. Ditto for those without major plans for the day.

3. This is not a free pass for inappropriate behaviour

If you are keen on celebrating Valentine’s Day at work, do so within limits. Don’t flirt with your colleagues and definitely abstain from romantic rendezvous of any variety. Not only will this avoid awkward encounters and embarrassing moments with your colleagues the next day, it will also help you focus on why you came in the office in the first place: To achieve goals and targets for your organisation.

4. Leverage on the love

Turning Valentine’s Day into an opportunity for a team-building experience may work. Try ideas like putting up a love board where everyone can share what they love about their job. You can also use this as an opportunity to let your co-workers know how much you appreciate their work. Thanking co-workers when they least expect it can be a great method to foster more stable relationships in the workforce.

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