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4 ways to maintain a work-Pokémon Go balance in your office

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According to a recent Forbes Poll, 69% of Pokémon Go users are playing the game on their bosses time. Since it seems difficult to combine being a productive employee with chasing after Pokémon, plenty of employers aren’t too excited about staff trying to catch ’em all.

While a number of bosses around the world have responded with notes, emails and memo’s threatening to fire employees wasting their time playing the game, perhaps the better tactic is to try and find a middle way. Below are four ways to help your staff maintain a work-Pokémon balance in the office:

1. Have them eat their lunch outside
One of the easiest ways of letting your staff get their daily Pokémon fill is to make sure they’re spending their lunch break away from the office. Instead of eating lunch staring at their computer screen, they can be outside chasing that Abra and return to their desks ready to get back to work.

2. Let them take short breaks away from their desk
Even outside of lunch breaks, there is no need for your staff to be continuously glued to their chairs. Since short breaks away from their desk can drastically improve your staff’s health, you’re catching two birds with one stone. Of course they shouldn’t overdo it, but ensure employees feel free to get up out of their chairs for a few minutes. Who knows what Pokémon they might find while they’re stretching their legs.

3. Establish some ground rules
With the previous point in mind, if staff are chasing their way through the office, do establish some ground rules. Make sure they’re not disturbing colleagues and keeping the noise down. Furthermore, to prevent angry leadership, tell staff to ignore any Pokémon hovering around visiting clients or senior management themselves.

4. Set a good example
Expecting your employees to limit their Pokémon Go playing time while you’re wandering around the office all day on the hunt for that elusive Feebas isn’t going to work. No matter how much time you spend playing the game at home, once you arrive at the office you need to practice what your preach and follow your own guidelines.

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