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4 ways to empower employees

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Take talent engagement and development to the next level with this “4E” framework provided by Tan Kwang Cheak, director of human resources and talent development at MOH Holdings.

Singapore – Attracting, retaining and developing talent is the primary preoccupation of any organisation seeking to grow and do well, and this is no exception at MOH Holdings (MOHH).

As Singapore’s healthcare needs continue to grow and evolve because of our ageing population and longer life expectancy, our overall demand for talent is also rising – by a projected 70% or 32,000 more professionals by 2030. Thus, we will have to continue ramping up our efforts to find, attract and retain talent, not only for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, but also for other professionals, such as those in IT, development, finance and HR.

To do so in Singapore’s tight and extremely competitive labour market is not an easy task, and all of us in HR can attest to this. A key leverage point for us is to focus not just on talent acquisition, retention and competitive remuneration and benefits, but more importantly on talent engagement and development.

Driven by our HR vision to enable our people, grow our talent pipeline and power our organisation forward for the future, MOHH is embarking on a journey to drive talent engagement and development to the next level. To this end, our HR team is working to enable the “4E” framework for our staff.


We seek to facilitate and enrich the breadth and depth of work experience and rotations that are beneficial and impactful for the development of our staff. These include facilitating career planning and mapping with staff, as well as job postings and progressions based on desired career mappings.


We are putting in place leadership and functional development road maps for our staff. Through these, we aim to enhance their development and educate them through various professional, functional and leadership development courses that are planned and managed by the HR team and line managers.

Scholarships and sponsorships are also given to staff to support their aspirations to upgrade and gain knowledge through master, degree or professional courses.


We provide exposure for our staff to enable self-driven development through tools such as 360-degree feedback and personality tests. Additionally, they gain exposure through stretch assignments and cross-divisional projects at the corporation level, as well as other opportunities to work with the senior management team.


A key aspect of engagement is enabling our staff to understand the purpose of their work and what they are contributing towards.

Such engagement opportunities are provided through fire-side chats and lunches with our senior management team and board chairman. An annual team-bonding retreat will be held to engage them on the organisational goals and plans moving ahead.

Additionally, engagement is enhanced through a mentoring scheme for our staff. Career dialogues and feedback sessions are being organised to allow them to be personally engaged in their own development through conversations with HR and our senior management team.

All these strategies will need to be underpinned by strong commitment and support from the senior management team, as well as in-depth participation by line managers.

The link between their performance and commitment which builds talent for their team and the organisation should be emphasised.

At the core of our efforts, we clearly recognise talent will stay and strive for the organisation only if we create a great place to work at – one which gives them purpose at work and accords them mastery and development opportunities for them to do their best.

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