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MOM discredits training providers

4 training providers pulled up for violating standards

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Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has cancelled the Accredited Training Provider (ATP) status of four local companies, after they were found to have violated training standards. All four errant companies were providing courses on workplace safety and health (WSH).

Earlier this year, MOM received information about the companies’ alleged violation of the terms and conditions of the required training and assessment standards for safety courses by ATPs.

Its investigation found malpractices, such as providing trainees with answers to assessment questions, allowing them to copy from one another, and not adhering to the stipulated duration for the courses.

The offending ATP companies are Safety Council Pte Ltd, Safety Academy Pte Ltd, Foster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Global Tech Training Solutions Pte Ltd.

As well as cancelling the ATP status of all four, it has suspended the trainer status for three trainers from Foster Asia Pacific for a period between three to six months.

MOM will not approve any ATP applications involving the following persons as director, principal, or trainer:

  1. Mr Ong Lai Huat and Ms Lee Kok Moi – directors of Safety Council Pte Ltd and Safety Academy Pte Ltd
  2. Mr Adrian Yeo – director of Foster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  3. Mr Aravind Raja Periasamy – director of Global Tech Training Solutions Pte Ltd

“ATPs who violate the terms and conditions of their ATP status erode the trust in our WSH training standards. We will investigate complaints against poor training standards by ATPs, and will not hesitate to take action against ATPs if they are found to have malpractices,” said Er. Ho Siong Hin, MOM’s commissioner for WSH.

If you encounter poor training practices in WSH courses, please contact MOM.

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