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4 (more) terrible first days

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While not many of us can top the awful first day A.J. Clemente had, there are others who have had just as bad a first day – or possibly worse.

We’ve trawled the internet and found four other unfortunate employees who probably spent their first day at work wishing they had a restart button.

The professional pencil sharpener

From Vidette Vanderweide (source: CBS News)

“I had landed a temp job at CNN. I was thrilled! I was going to work hard, ‘be discovered’ and be the next CNN news anchor! I was placed in the promotional offices.

The children’s network was running a monthly promotion with Delta Airlines to give kids flying on a Delta flight a coloring book and a pencil. My job was to sharpen the thousands of pencils! In the course of one day, I figured out it took 436 pencils (and I’ll never forget that number) to blow out the mini-engine inside the electric pencil sharpener. I went through four pencil sharpeners in one day and never thought the day would end.”

The series of unfortunate events

From “totaltravisty” (source: Reddit)

“I was in 10th grade when I got my first part time job at a local burger shop. It was drive-through only and I was only supposed to observe and learn. Within an hour of clocking in, I was given a headset to take orders. I had no clue how to run the register and I got yelled at by the manager for being stupid.

After being removed from running the register, I was put at the grill with the cook. I was told to cut the tomatoes and ended up cutting my hand, after I got that bandaged up and yelled at again for being inept, I was told to cook some hamburger patties since I couldn’t possibly muck that up.

While cooking, I ended up burning my hand, and when I went to the bathroom to cry and call for a ride home because I had screamed at my boss when he called me stupid again, the cook followed me in the bathroom and proceeded to molest me.”

The case of mistaken identity

From “mrptwn” (source: Reddit)

“[I had] a new guy start working with me. He looked just like this guy I knew. I mean, a twin, but a few years younger. He was a real timid and quiet guy. But all day long I’m calling him Tim (Tim was the guy I knew), [but] I would apologise.

But every time I said it, he would just stare at me with f*** you on his face. I didn’t mean to do it; his name wasn’t even close to Tim. So, we go on about the day, go on a few calls, get off work, and [then] my boss calls me.

[He] tears me a new a**hole for calling this kid Tim all day. Turns out, I didn’t get the memo: This was Tim’s brother.

Tim died in a horrible construction accident the week or so before. He never came back to work. I felt terrible. Still do.”

The unexpected sick day

From R.B. (source: Mamapedia)

“It was New Year’s Eve, and the first time I worked for this restaurant (I knew the owner and while a small place, it was booked solid from 7pm-11pm that night). We were so busy and everyone was running around.

While I was making battered shrimp and heating the prime rib, all the sudden out of the blue, I got sick to my stomach… and wasn’t able to hold it back.

I threw up all over the floor; thankfully I missed all food and the fryers. Then before I could get to the back door, I did it again. After 10 minutes outside throwing up, [the owner] came up and handed me $30, and said go home.

I felt so bad because we had about 20 orders hanging there and now everyone had to work harder with out me there… plus someone else had to clean up my ‘mess’. That was also my last day.”

Human Resources magazine and the HR Bulletin daily email newsletter:
Asia's only regional HR print and digital media brand.
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