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Infographic by Accounting Principles

4 companies that show how to translate culture into actions

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Whether written as a mission statement, spoken or merely understood, corporate culture describes and governs the ways a company’s owners and employees work and behave.

That is why it is not surprising that a large percentage (72%) of bosses believe culture is extremely important to organisational performance.

But with just 32% saying their organisational culture aligns with their business strategy, it doesn’t hurt to learn how some of the most successful companies in the world set and enhance their company cultures to engage and retain their employees.

That is exactly what Accounting Principles did in a new infographic, along with highlighting five easy ways to boost corporate cultures. It highlighted what firms such as Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Allianz do to create a positive work environment.

For example, the report found that companies such as American Express have active methods to support their employees’ training and development opportunities.

Not only does the company provide 40 hours of training for its full-time staff, but 82% of its employees have also reported the firm “often or almost always” provides the training staff needs.

“Supporting your employees’ career development will revitalise their commitment to the role. As your employees where they see themselves in five years and help them to achieve those goals,” the infographic stated.

Another example is of Deutsche Bank, where “high performance” was agreed upon as a core value, in consultation with staff – as a result, 91% of staff say they go above and beyond what is normally expected of their jobs.

Here is the infographic below for some ideas on how translating culture into actions can provide real results:

5 Ways to improve company culture

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