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39% of Malaysian talent searched for new roles last month

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With Malaysian professionals on a constant look-out for new jobs, both active and passive talent are spending time on activities to strengthen their professional brand and increase their future career opportunities.

According to LinkedIn’s 2015 Talent Trends Study, researching for job opportunities was the most common professional development activity (39%) among local talent last month.

Surveying over 631 professionals in Malaysia, 39% of locals also stated they were busy updating their professional résumés.

Almost four out of 10 (38%) revealed they networked for professional opportunities.

“As the global economy improves, more professionals want to explore new job opportunities, regardless of how satisfied they feel in their current role,” the report stated.

Indeed, it found professionals in Malaysia were more likely to seek new job opportunities than professionals in other parts of the world.

35% of local talent were found to be actively seeking new roles, higher than the global average of 30%.

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Interestingly, this was despite the fact that almost half of (48%) of active talent believed they were satisfied in their current role.

In looking for such new job opportunities, the survey revealed online job boards were the most popular medium used to find new corporate positions.

Almost seven out of 10 (66%) of Malaysian professionals stated they referred to online job boards to find new roles.

Social professional networks followed at 59%, while gaining information through word-of-mouth stood at 48%.

Almost nine out of 10 (87%) of Malaysians also stated they are interested in hearing about job opportunities from recruiters or headhunters.

This was again higher than the global average of 78%.

“When you first reach out to professionals about a new job opportunity, be sure to explain the job role responsibilities and why they are a good fit for the role,” the survey advised.

Job role responsibilities, were, in fact, highlighted as the most important pieces of information recruiters and headhunters could provide to local talent (69%).

A little more than six out of 10 (64%) of professionals added they are also interested in hearing about why they are a good fit for the role when contacted by recruiters.

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