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3 ways HR can optimise the mobile workforce

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Workshifting, flexworking, smart working – whatever it is called, working 9-5 at a desk in an office is no longer the norm.

So how can HR teams ensure their organisation is set up for success in this new way of working? Citrix’s new whitepaper on getting mobile working right provides three handy tips.

1. Designing workspaces with mobile working in mind

HR can give both office space planners and mobile workers advice on setting up their workspaces.

For example, when Citrix redesigned its office in Raleigh, HR gave the design team employee feedback to make sure the new space took the needs of mobile workers into account.

As a result, the new office features: WiFi throughout the building; flexible workspaces that allow for both privacy and teamwork; and inspiring meeting spaces like a rooftop garden, among others.

For remote workers, the Citrix HR and facilities teams provided guidance on how to set up their
own workspaces, which includes: choosing the right chair to avoid back strain; adjusting the screen to prevent eye strain; and using footrests, wrist rests and laptop stands to stay comfortable.

2. Finding innovative ways to keep mobile workers engaged

Engaging remote employees doesn’t stop at quality and productivity. It also helps to determine how happy employees are, and how loyal to the company.

Here are Citrix’s 5 ideas for keeping mobile workers engaged:

  • Invite mobile workers along to all-hands team meetings on site.
  • Encourage regular visits to the office, whether they’re weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • Introduce a buddy system where mobile workers are paired with non-mobile colleagues.
  • Develop a mobile app for your company that feeds employees useful information as it comes up.
  • Create a collaboration site where team members can share work, documents and ideas.

3. Putting the right technology in place

While HR works to make sure mobile workers get the support they need, managers should work
with the IT team to make sure they have the technology they need.

In addition to making the mobile devices available to workers, the IT team needs to implement the infrastructure to support high-performance, secure and intuitive mobile workstyles.

The implementation for this includes not just mobile devices and email, but also tools such as virtualised desktops, file sharing, and business productivity apps.

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