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3 ways to NOT gain weight while working

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Leading a sedentary working lifestyle has resulted in locals gaining an average of 3kg for each year of work, particularly if you’re in the HR industry.

But on some level, these results aren’t so surprising.

With tight deadlines, increased workloads and soaring stress levels encountered by most working professionals these days, piling on a few extra pounds appears to be an inevitable calamity.

While there is no way to extend the number of hours per day to accommodate more frequent visits to the gym, here are a few things you can do within the office to make sure you look as good as you work.

1. Don’t be kiasu

Just because food is available doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Offices and corporate functions offer the presence of an excellent, and most importantly, free, gastronomical experience for employees. But it is important not to let yourself go in an attempt to get the most out of such benefits.

Instead, target on the right type of food. Focus on eating fruits and fibre so you get the right amount of energy and nutrition without feeling hungry afterwards. Overeating not only piles on the calories, but also makes you sleepy and less productive afterwards, making you splurge on coffee and other sweetened beverages.

2. Indulge in health talk

Knowledge is power, and cultivating an environment to make your employees healthier is one of the best ways of utilising such power. Share tips with one another in the office or organise weekly health talks within your office. Discussing various gym workout routines and latest research on fitness is also a good idea.

Exchanging such healthy ideas will not only inspire you to prioritise your visits to the gym, but will also subconsciously affect your food and lifestyle choices.

3. Avoid stress eating  

Recent findings revealed professionals in the event management field are most likely contenders to gain weight. A possible reason is that the field ranks highly on the list of most stressful jobs. It is widely known that a direct correlation exists between stress and weight gain. Binge eating to relieve stress is one of the many ways employees adopt to relieve stress levels.

Here’s where leaders and bosses play an integral role in managing their employees’ weight.

Besides providing resources to employees such as onsite gyms, increasing interaction with workers will help in identifying reasons for their stress. Bosses can help to manage workloads in order to reduce stress levels, and ensure employees have the right capability skills to function well.

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