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3 reasons to make acquaintances your allies

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We bump into them at corridors, pantries, annual corporate functions and on the way to work.

But instead of bracing yourself for an awkward encounter filled with small talk and formalities, it is important to interactions with work acquaintances as opportunities to get to know them better.

Even though these employees may belong to different teams and have no direct impact on your daily tasks and responsibilities, here are a few reasons why you should look forward to the next meeting in the pantry:

1. Get new perspectives

Constantly working for hours together with the same teams may build high camaraderie levels within your team and pave the way for an enjoyable working experience, but it is important to remember that this also limits your breadth of knowledge.

Instead, exchanging ideas on corporate or even trivial issues with colleagues whom you occasionally meet exposes you to different ways of thinking and may even inspire you to work better.

In addition, you might even get objective opinions on your own ideas or work, something which colleagues whom you have strong ties with might be hesitant in openly voicing.

2. Make more friends at work

Next time you encounter a conflict at work, go out of your working area and interact with those outside of your team.

You don’t have to share your problems with them, but getting a breather away from those who might be potentially causing you headache will allow you to take time off and relax while brightening up your mood.

Viewing these work acquaintances as friends in the office who are not really involved in your corporate performance could help in reducing stress and getting your emotions back on track.

3. You’re part of the same team, after all

You might interact with them only occasionally, but work acquaintances are part of the same organisation and their performances affect yours.

Enquiring after and helping these work acquaintances helps in building better employee relations and improving connectivity and drive across departments. You never know, a slight effort on your part may help in boosting productivity and growth across the company.

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HR Masterclass Series: We're going virtual! New courses, new formats!
Review the 2020 masterclasses here »

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