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2017’s most in-demand skills in the electronics and semiconductor sector

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With Singapore’s manufacturing industry experiencing a 8% Q1 year-on-year expansion driven by growth in the electronics and semiconductor sector, what skills do employers look for when increasing their headcount?

According to JobTech’s latest flash report, across the entire sector, common skills and attributes sought by employers were proficiency in Microsoft Office, sales, mechanical analysis, communication skills, interpersonal skills, being a team player, and an understanding of engineering and manufacturing knowledge.

Separating the skills into three categories (technical skills, soft skills/traits, and domain knowledge), the report shed light no the top five in-demand skills in the industry.

JobTech Electronics and Semiconductor

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JobTech also noted the emergence of 10 additional domain knowledge areas and 22 additional technical skills.

Emerging domain knowledge included vulnerability management, software validation, mix-signal, clean technology, SOAP (simple object access protocols), among others. While the emerging technical skills included Adobe Designer Software, BPM (business process management), powershell, logic analysers, training needs analysis and more.

Additionally, JobTech’s report noted a 30% increase in online job postings in the local electronics and semiconductor sector when 1Q 2017 is compared with 4Q 2016 – an increase of more than 600 unique online job postings over the 2,000 unique online job postings captured in 4Q 2016.

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