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Recruitment Challenges

2015’s biggest recruitment challenges

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Lack of talent is causing sleepless nights for hiring managers across the United States.

The 2015 Glassdoor Recruiting Outlook Survey found an insufficiency of talent for open positions is the top recruiting challenge faced by hiring managers today.

Polling 515 HR and business managers in America, the report highlighted 29% of respondents also do not see enough candidates when filling a position, while 24% stated they don’t actively use social media to recruit talented candidates.

An inability to track factors that influence candidates to apply was the fourth biggest challenge identified by respondents in the list (20%).

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“More than half (52%) of hiring decision makers said so-called ‘passive recruiting’ – where candidates are contacted by recruiters versus candidates who apply directly via a company’s career website – has been less effective in attracting highly qualified candidates over the past year,” the report stated.

This was found to be especially true for large (69%) and midsize (70%) companies.

Of hiring decision makers who thought passive recruiting has become less effective, 51% indicated candidates have grown wary of emails from networking sites and respond at a much lower rate.

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Slightly less than half (47%) said candidates respond to recruiter emails at a much lower rate, while 44% indicated candidates respond to recruiter phone calls less frequently.

Nearly a third (32%) of hiring decision makers also said their company’s approach to advertising jobs is among the most outdated elements of their company’s recruitment process and needs a major upgrade.

“The old methods of recruitment and job search just aren’t working well enough. Potential candidates are researching opportunities through new, interactive channels, and hiring decision-makers are planning to invest more in these channels to attract more qualified candidates,” said Steve Roop, general manager of Glassdoor for employers.

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