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12 techniques for hiring Millennials

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Millennials want the same things as other generations – they simply prioritise differently.

This was the conclusion of a study conducted by, which canvassed recruiters and anyone hiring young talent about the “must-adopt” recruitment techniques for hiring Millennials.

These young talent have access to technology and communications that simply weren’t available decades ago and, as a result, their demands for careers and lifestyles differ greatly from previous generations.

Here are some of the best tips given by recruiters in the study:

1. Engage in social media

Don’t underestimate the power of “off-the-cuff” conversations via social media.

“By creating and maintaining Facebook, Twitter and Google+ company profiles, you open the door to new and potential employees by giving them an opportunity to easily get to know your company, it’s products and services,” said Kat Krull, associate marketing manager at Resunate.

“Also, it provides them a way to interact and network with your company’s employees.”

2. Put a real name and face behind the corporate social media accounts

Millennials want you to be on social media, but they also want to connect with the people behind it, not a corporate identity.

Paul McDonald, talent acquisition manager for said it’s important to tell followers on Twitter who they are interacting with online.

“It makes for a more authentic and personal connection, which Millennials appreciate.”

3. Have a “why”

Millennials want to know why they should take the job you are offering them. What will they get out of it?

“Millennials need a challenge, a sense of purpose, and also a dash of vanity,” said Justin Sherratt, CEO of Gawoop Inc.

4. Update your websites and social identities

Just like we were always told to keep our resumes up to date, Millennials want to see organisations are working hard to attract talent and all times. If your company has a blog, Facebook or other social media sites, don’t let them get stale.

“You don’t, as the employer, need to be everywhere they might expect, but at least show that you’re up to date and connected,” said Ian McAllister, founder and professional CV writer at CV4biz.

5. Keep selling your company, and follow up

Companies have to sell Millennials on why they should join the company, what their career progression will be and, most importantly, translate how they’ll make an impact on the company – and the world.

And, all this communication has to be done quickly.

“Millennials have rarely faced delays in communication or the acquisition of information,” said Stacia Argoudelis, area director of the Academic Coaching Institute.

6. Be respectful to recruits, including the ones who didn’t make the cut

Regardless of whether they got the job or not, Millennials will be able to tell their friends and family about their experience. “Make it a good one, and you can turn recruits in recruiters,” said McDonald.

7. Build relationships with them before they enter the market

Identify good talent in their final years of education and provide them with internships until they graduate.

Millennials are more likely to take a permanent job at a place they already know, particularly if they appreciate you have worked hard to keep them on board and feeling engaged.

8. Show what it’s like to work at your office

Promote your company culture by inviting potential hires to spend a day in the office with you, or do something like filming a professional “day in the life” video to show candidates.

Both will give them a better idea of what working in your office is like and it gets them excited about working there.

9. Be flexible

“Millennials don’t want to fit their lives into an inflexible job,” said Sara Sutton, CEO of FlexJobs. “They’d much rather have the ability to blend their work and personal lives together in a way that makes sense for them.”

“In short,” added Sahar Andrade, executive director of Sahar Consulting. “They want what their parents are just now achieving.”

10. Build a community

Once you are comfortable with social media, the next step is creating a community where those interested can have open discussions with hiring managers.

They can share news, post openings, offer advice, make introduction, describe company culture and set expectations for the hiring process, said Lauren Smith, director of marketing for Ascendify.

11. Expect and prepare for repeat business from Millennials

Millennials are more project-oriented than they are company-loyal. If they lose interest on their current assignment, they’ll move onto something else.

“Recruiters must use more inbound marketing techniques to build long-term relationship and relationship opportunities instead of more traditional outbound marketing techniques,” said Charles Caro, executive director at Rebounders United.

12. Live the company brand and culture

Culture is critical for Millennials. If your corporate culture is suffering, you are not going to be able to be as effective in keeping people on board.

Employers must be genuine about their employer brand and live up to those expectations presented. If you don’t, Millennials will leave.

All comments taken from “12 must-adopt recruiting techniques for hiring Millennials”. See the full report here.

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