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The 12 best jobs for women in 2014

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Human resources manager, public relations manager and computer systems analyst are some of the jobs named among the most attractive jobs for women in 2014.

The list, compiled by Careercast, has identified the best jobs for women in the workforce in a report which judges each profession on things such as whether they offer a competitive annual salary and have a positive prediction when it comes to hiring outlook.

It also takes into account other factors of the job including stress, physical demands and whether the profession employs a high number of women in the field.

The list was put together based on the growing civilian labour workforce in the US, which included 57.7% of all women in the US in 2012. This is expected to grow by 9% (or 6.4 million) through to 2018, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“As more women continue to enter the workforce, more careers are emerging to provide an equal opportunity to succeed both professionally and financially,” says Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast. “The professions we have identified pay well, have a large percentage of women working in the field and are expected to offer solid opportunities for growth.”

For example, the IT sector is a fast-growing area for women and jobs such an computer systems analyst employs more women than any other profession under the IT umbrella.

Other top jobs where women comprise more than 60% of the workforce while also earning compensation comparable to their male counterparts include occupational and physical therapist, actuary, event planner, advertising and promotions manager, human resources manager and education administrator.

The 12 best jobs for women (Salaries in USD)

1. Actuary
Annual Average Salary: $93,680
Projected Outlook: 26%

2. Advertising and promotions manager
Annual Average Salary: $115,750
Projected Outlook: 12%

3. Computer systems analyst
Annual Average Salary: $79,680
Projected Outlook: 25%

4. Dental hygienist
Annual Average Salary: $70,210
Projected Outlook: 33%

5. Education administrator
Annual Average Salary: $86,490
Projected Outlook: 15%

6. Event planner
Annual Average Salary: $45,810
Projected Outlook: 33%

7. Human resources manager
Annual Average Salary: $99,720
Projected Outlook: 13%

8. Market research analyst
Annual Average Salary: $60,300
Projected Outlook: 32%

9. Occupational therapist
Annual Average Salary: $55,870
Projected Outlook: 19%

10. Physical therapist
Annual Average Salary: $79,860
Projected Outlook: 36%

11. Public relations manager
Annual Average Salary: $95,450
Projected Outlook: 13%

12. Speech pathologist
Annual Average Salary: $69,870
Projected Outlook: 19%

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