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11 things everyone wishes they could say out loud at work

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Offices and professional relationships can be a tricky thing to navigate. Sometimes you just want to be brutally honest but well let’s face it that would make thing extremely awkward. Reader’s Digest compiled this list of all the truths your office colleagues wish they could say and if you can’t how they get around it dropping some not so subtle hints.

1. “Do you want a mint?”

Truth: A not so subtle hint that you need to do something about your morning breath.

2. “aa-choo!”

Truth: Your colleagues sneeze every time in your room, your perfume or cologne is probably too strong. So tone it down.

3. Labels on everything

Truth: Finding someone’s name on everything from stationery supplies to food in the fridge are hints at returning borrowed items and don’t touch their food.

4. “Let me know what you think”

Sometimes things are just as they sound, your work mate really wants your honest constructive feedback so don’t beat around the bush or not give your honest input.

There are also times where there just nothing you could do to even give the person a hint but are just bursting with frustration inside.

Here are 7 more instances where you may be itching to point out poor etiquette to your co-workers, but you want to hold your tongue back.

  • Don’t come to work in gym clothes. Leave the yoga pants and leggings for leisure time.
  • Don’t leave the coffee maker with less than a cup in, chip in and make another pot before waiting for someone else.
  • Never dig through someone else’s desk while they are gone, it’s rude and looks suspicious. Always ask first.
  • Never take credit for someone else’s work this is toxic behaviour and leads to resentment in the office.
  • Stop talking and actually listen to rest of the people in your office, you are not always right.
  • No bodily noises every time you enter someone’s office and politely say excuse me if something accidentally happens.
  • Stop looking at your phone during meetings and conversations, its disrespectful no matter the purpose for being on it. It is not an extra limb.

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