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The 10 most popular reasons to call in sick

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Physical illnesses are deemed to be the most acceptable reasons for calling in sick, according to research by UK healthcare provider Benenden.

Polling 2,500 employers and employees in the UK, the research found vomiting is the most popular reason which employees give when they take sick leave, as mentioned by 73% of the respondents.

Diarrohea followed at 71%, while flu (59%) was ranked third on the list.

Despite a majority of bosses saying that feeling ill is an acceptable reason to call in sick, the research implied bosses still have a long way to go in understanding mental health at the workplace.

Only 19% said they felt stress was an acceptable reason to have a day off, while an even lower 17% considered broader mental health issues as a reason not to go into the office.

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The research also showed that employers could be neglecting their employees well-being , with 48% of those surveyed feeling that employers don’t care about their physical or mental well-being.

Women were more likely than men to call in sick with 54% of women calling in sick compared to 43% of men.

Absenteeism was also more frequent among younger people.

Those aged 18-35 (12%) are more likely to have taken more than five sick days a year and admitted that they could have gone into work for one or more of those days compared to those aged 35-44 (8%), 45-54 (6%) and 55+ (5%).

Despite taking the largest amount of sick days in comparison to all other age groups, a quarter of both 18-24 and 25-35 year olds stated that they would have taken more time off work if they had more sick pay.

Top 10 reasons to call in sick according to research by Benenden:

1. Vomiting
2. Diarrhoea
3. Flu
4. Sickness bug
5. Migraine
6. Stress
7. Mental health
8. Hospitalisation
9. Head cold
10. Headache


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