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10 jobs that give something back

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Volunteering has risen in popularity in recent years as more human resources departments and organisations see the value in allowing employees to give something back to their community.

However, if you are looking to give more than the odd week volunteering, Glassdoor has rounded up the top jobs which provide a monthly salary along with the “I helped someone” feeling.

1. Emergency responder (police officer, firefighter, EMT)

A career as a police officer, firefighter or EMT is always seen as more than “just a job”. When your job everyday is to save lives and provide specialised care in a way other people can’t, there’s no way you won’t feel like you’re giving back.

2. Human rights advocate

People passionate about basic human rights for all races, ethnicities, gender, children, and more are in a position to give a voice to those who might otherwise not be heard and make a difference to people all over the world.

3. Crisis counsellor

If you’ve got the strength to help people who are facing incredibly tough situations, then this is the job for you. Lend critical support to people in need in this role for a tremendous sense of accomplishment and purpose.

4. Military occupational therapist

Feeling patriotic? This job is all about helping military men and women when they suffer injuries. You’ll be responsible for planning and administering care and helping them cope enough to return to work.

5. Adoption case manager

Helping orphaned children find a loving home has to be one of the most heart-fulfilling jobs in the world.

6. Shelter chef

People in this role are responsible cooking and feeding people in need, without homes, families or anyone else to care for them.

7. Veterinarian

Animal lovers can take things one step further by becoming a vet. The road to being a veterinarian is not an easy one, but the pay off at the end of years of study is knowing you have helped keep your four-legged (or otherwise) friends alive.

8. Nurse

There are never enough nurses in the world. It’s a demanding job, but one that allows you to help people everyday.

9. Senior life enrichment coordinator

The Singapore’s population continues to age, creative and understanding people will be needed more and more to help those in their golden years cope with life.

10. Special education teacher

If you are detailed-oriented and patient, able to motivate, understanding of special needs and accepting of differences in others, this career path can provide you a lifetime of fulfillment by educating children facing a wide variety of challenges.

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