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Happy employees appreciation day

10 creative ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day (today!)

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While every day is a great day to show appreciation to your staff, step up your employee recognition programme by celebrating Employee Appreciation Day – which happens to fall on 3 March (plus, it’s also Friday!)

Here are some brilliant ideas from TINYpulse on how you can increase engagement even further:

1. Bring a massage therapist into the office
Whether your employees are hunched over their computers all day or use standing desks to get their jobs done, who couldn’t use a back rub? Hire a massage therapist or two for the day and have them go around the office rubbing the shoulders of those in need of relief.

2. Spring for a catered breakfast or lunch
Your employees are hungry and they like delicious food — especially when they don’t have to pay for it.

3. Unveil a killer new coffee/espresso machine
Everyone needs their caffeine fix. Reveal a brand-new machine that will make your company’s coffee game the envy of competitors.

4. Give your employees small gift cards
When all else fails, you will never go wrong with giving your employees a gift card.

5. Organise a company-wide scavenger hunt
Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt? Keep it confined to your office campus. If you’re feeling more adventurous, use the neighborhood.

6. Sponsor an in-office happy hour
You can buy a few bottles of booze or you can hire a professional bartender for the afternoon. Show your appreciation by encouraging your staff to have a drink or two to relax and socialise.

7. Redecorate your office
Let your employees repaint the walls and reorganise the furniture. Add plants and other office accoutrements as needed.

8. Purchase new technologies or sign up for new platforms
If your employees are using old technology, they’re frustrated and unable to get all their work done as efficiently as they should be able to — it’s that simple.

9. Let your companies start making flexible schedules
So long as they are doing their jobs well, does it really matter when your employees get their work done? Break the news of your flexible schedule programme.

10. Announce your new work-life balance initiative
It’s one thing to tell your employees that you care about work-life balance. It’s quite another to make it a top priority. Let your employees know about the initiatives you’re launching to make their lives more enjoyable.


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